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GCS #I, 30x40, Mixed Media on Canvas

Geometric Compositional Series # I – Mixed Media on 30×40″ Canvas


Visual Wonder & Vibrancy:

“If a piece is to be truly brought to life, and therefore made vibrant, ~ it must contain the fingerprints from all aspects of being; the intellectual, the emotional, and the spiritual.”

~ MDZ ~

Insights: My Creative Philosophy:

I discovered my initial passion for expression and creativity via my proximity to other artists. My family tree was well branched with all of the artistic forms; the visual, the literary, and the musical. I tapped into all of them as a child. In retrospect, I feel so very fortunate to have grown up among a seemingly infinite supply of immensely talented and insightful people in both family and friends. This knowingly helped open my eyes to the arts, and as well gave insight and then vision into the artist’s mind. I have always loved how these people thought and lived, – and still do. Their perspective on life and living is so different from that of the “so-called” norm. Even as a small child I felt a genuine kinship to their outlook on life and values, and knew that I was one of them.

Philosophically, I would have to say that all of these wonderful experiences regularly gave me reason for pause, and time to personally reflect on what “our life” was really all about, and what it amounted to in the end.  I have never lost sight of those lessons.

I discovered early on that is not the cogs you turn, nor the widgets you make, that are truly important. Neither of these will ever afford you those most miraculous and exalted feelings of being truly alive in this world, – only the process of creation can do that.

For the most rarefied and unsurpassed feelings in this lifetime, feelings well beyond our own humanness, there is only the process of creating. I am talking about the kind of creation that comes from deep within us, – derived from a place that for some of us we rarely (if ever) go. Being part of this intense core energy, this most spiritual and hyper creative realm, – is nothing short of true bliss. 

Over time, I came to knowing and understand that during these rarefied spells I was tapping into my own solely singular life’s energy. When we are fortunate enough as humans to be living in these moments, we approach ourselves at the deepest of levels, and are gaining that rarest of glimpses of our own universal causation.

There is no other feeling like it – none. I know that all of the other Artists, Musicians, and Writers out there, that are right now as I speak both toiling and exalting over their next great potential creations, ~ know exactly as to what I am speaking of.

Nuts & Bolts:

When I got started as a young artist, my work was all very hands-on, the majority being sculpture and 3D wall art. My pieces consisted of various mixed media’s including; wood, clay, copper and steel fabrications, along with various recaptured materials. Though I am mostly a 2D and 3D painter these days, I would love to create sculpture again one day in the future.

Over the past 24+ years, since about 1993, I have focused the majority of my art training and effort on painting and drawing. I have done extensive study and as well created many, many works based on specific art genres or style forms.

I have been honing my skills over the past two decades through endless study and experimentation to which has allowed me the technical growth to develop my own very unique and personal art styles.

In the past 10 years or so (since roughly 2007 or so), I have grown as an artist to have unwavering faith in my creative processes. As I tell my friends and patrons these days, I feel like I am “in the zone” finally. I feel with the greatest of confidence that virtually everything created these days shows both strong painterly ability and as well highly unique creative content.

I am currently producing a variety of both 2D and 3D fine wall art. By that I mean that while some of the work is smooth and low profile, others offer a far greater thickness by certain techniques used. This brings the media up to as much as 1” off the canvas face.

In many newer paintings, I employ additional mixed media’s and heavy tooling techniques to achieve my 3D effects.

All of my work falls into the “Modern Art” classification. These currently produced art styles are; Raw and Calculated Linear-Geometric Abstraction, Color Field Painting and Linear-Geometric Enhanced Color Field Painting, Surrealism, Cubism (both Analytical and Synthetic), and Raw and Calculated Abstract Expressionism.

I use acrylics and gouache in about 80-90% of my work these days. For the balance I use; oils, oil pastels, oil stick, pastel chalks, watercolors, graphite, and a host of mixed-media and paint enhancers.

Generally I produce the work on canvas, but I can (and do) work on a variety of other platforms including; linen, wood, wood panel, steel, corrugation, and poly/glass platforms.

Food for Thought:

Lastly, I would like to leave a little food for thought for all of my viewers…

In order for a work of art to really move us… it must be considered to be “Truly Alive.”

To be truly alive, it must be undeniably vibrant, and maintain a life onto itself.

When viewing art, regardless of style or form, you should be able to connect to the creator’s soul. You as well must be compelled to believe that the artist was “fully engaged” when they created it.

Somehow, the work must find a way to inspire us into great fascination and deep thought, and take us far away from the day to day. Equally then, it should allow us pause for a moment or more, – to rise far above our own mortal existence.

Art cannot compel us to view it, or furthermore then own it, – if it is unable to do this.

Carpe Diem ~

Matthew Zedler
(Modern Painter/Artist)



GCF #72 – Gouache & Mixed Media on Canvas