Displays and Showings




“Bio-Art Show – Greenville, SC”

NewZart Modern Fine Art Gallery // Matthew Zedler Fine Art
Location: MZFA Studio & Gallery, 300 River Street, #106, Greenville, SC 29601

Duration: June, 2017 to September, 2017

View and purchase 20+ Original “Biological Abstractionist” Paintings, now installed at the gallery. This show includes works from the popular “See Life” series, an ultra unique bio-abstract series of original paintings set in a geometric configurations. 

“Modigliani & Picasso Revisited, – Masterwork Drawing Series”

NewZart Modern Fine Art Gallery // Matthew Zedler Fine Art
Location: MZFA Studio & Gallery, 300 River Street, #106, Greenville, SC 29601

Show Duration: June, 2017 to September, 2017

View and purchase over 100 unique artist stylized original drawings taken from famous Pablo Picasso and Amedeo Modigliani paintings. 


“ARTISPHERE” – Greenville, SC:

MZFA Gallery: Location: 300 River Street, #106, Greenville, SC 29601

Show Duration: May 12- May 14, 2017

View and purchase over 150+ Original Paintings, Drawings, and Sketches at Special Show Pricing. 


“Classic Color Field Painting & Advanced CFP Exhibit”:

MZFA Gallery: Location: 300 River Street, #106, Greenville, SC 29601

Show Duration: April to June 2017

View and purchase over 25 Classic and Linear-Geometric Advanced Color Field paintings. Many of these works are from the “Panacea Pour l’ ame” Linear-Geometric Advanced Series, now over 40 works strong. The “PP Series” paintings will as well be available for purchase during this exhibit. 


“Modigliani Revisited, – Masterwork Drawing Exhibit”:

MZFA Gallery: Location: 300 River Street, #106, Greenville, SC 29601

Show Duration: April to June 2017

View and purchase over 30 uniquely artist stylized drawings derived from famous paintings from artist Amedeo Modigliani. Choose from black and white ink works, to highly colorized Fauvist pieces. Medium: Black Ink Pen, Graphite, Colored Pencil, Dry Pastel, and Colored Marker. 


“Picasso Revisited, – Masterwork Drawing Exhibit”:

MZFA Gallery: Location: 300 River Street, #106, Greenville, SC 29601

Show Duration: February to April 2017

View and purchase over 40 uniquely artist stylized drawings derived from famous paintings from artist Pablo Picasso. Choose from black and white ink works, to highly colorized Fauvist pieces. Many have been done in; Black Ink Pen, Graphite, Colored Pencil, Dry Pastel, and Colored Marker. 


“Pure Art” – Abstract Expressive Painting Exhibit:

MZFA Gallery: Location: 300 River Street, #106, Greenville, SC 29601

Show Duration: Winter 2016 – April 2017

Please stop by to view over 20 new additions to the “Pure Art, – Abstract Expressive Series” artworks at MZFA. Many of these works have been done in Gouache & Oil Pastel, some in Acrylic & Oil Pastels. All of these new paintings are available for viewing and sale.


New Masterwork Drawing Exhibit: @ Matthew Zedler Fine Art
Location: MZFA Studio & Gallery, 300 River Street, #106, Greenville, SC 29601

Show Duration: Spring through Winter 2016

View over 150 new drawings currently on display at MZFA. Over 100 new pieces done in; Fauvist, Surrealist, Geometric Abstraction, and more. Some are highly stylized drawings of famous master paintings from; Picasso, Modigliani, Dali, Miro, Klee, Kandinsky, and others. Most of the drawings are available for sale as well. 


“Matt Zedler Artist Reception Party, Friday 10/23 ~ 6-8pm,
@ the 
Hyatt Regency Hotel ~ Studio 220*”

Location: Hyatt Regency Hotel ~ 220 N. Main Street,
Located in the heart of downtown Greenville, SC (29601)

The Hyatt Regency Hotel was kind enough to offer an artist reception party for me on Friday, October 23, from 6-8pm

I will be discussing with attending art patrons many of the creative driving forces behind my series works currently being shown at the Hyatt’s Studio 220.

Additionally, I will be raffling one artwork (value to $2,500) and donating a portion of these proceeds to “Upstate Forever,” a known and respected Greenville based conservation organization.

The Hyatt will be offering complimentary food and wine during this event ~ I look forward to seeing you there ~



“NEW Installation: Hyatt Regency Hotel ~ Studio 220*”
*Location: Hyatt Hotel ~ 220 N. Main Street, Greenville, SC 29601

This show runs September 2015 – January 2016*

I have recently installed 23 works at “Studio 220” inside the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hotel in the heart of downtown Greenville, SC. This fabulous 4 star hotel hosts multiple gala events monthly and rotates top local artists 4 times a year.

I will be showing a beautiful variety of his immensely complex and colorful linear-geometric based works and as well color field paintings (CFP) at this 4 month install.

Included will be pieces from the following series: 

“See Life,” “Panacea Pour l’ ame,” and my ever expanding “GCS” or “Geometric Compositional Series.”

(**There are also several of my singular works on display as well**)

Watch for information on my upcoming Artist’s Reception Party coming sometime this Fall at the Hyatt ~


New Matthew Zedler Fine Art Studio & Gallery* ~ Greenville, SC
300 River Street, #106 ~ Greenville, SC 29601 ~ Call (828) 404.6882

(Opened July 1st, 2015*)

I’m proud to announce the opening of my New MZFA Studio & Gallery in downtown Greenville, SC (Open as of July 1st, 2015). This new Studio ~ Gallery is located at 300 River Street ~ Unit 106, in the Art Crossing* area of beautiful downtown Greenville, South Carolina (just below the Hampton Inn on the river*).

“Art Crossing Studios, Greenville, SC” (www.artcrossing.org)

This a working studio-gallery that will showcase from 25-35 pieces at all times.

I plan on offering to the public special shows and new series / new works opening events over the months to come.

Studio Hours: Tuesday – Saturday from Noon to 5pm* (with occasional exceptions*). Please Note:  Friday event nights will go much later than 5pm (8pm or later).

Call: (828) 404-6882 or Email: matt@matthewzedlerfineart.com for more information, or to confirm a time to schedule a visit me at this new location.


 “See-Life” Series, ~ New Series Expansion
(February 2015 – Present)

My popular “See-Life” series has been reinvigorated! Many new works have now been completed over the past 4 months. They are available now for viewing and purchase at NewZart Gallery & Studio.

My popular “See-Life” series has recently seen a jump-start with 6 new works since February of 2015. These ultra unique Geometric Bio-Abstractions were very popular with both collectors and patrons when they came out a little over a decade a go.

I feel I have truly reinvigorated this line with these 6 new and evolutionary works recently. These newer pieces are even more dynamic than the originals with more intricate and complex detailing and a far wider usage of the color spectrum.

By popular demand, the “See-Life” series is back, and back to stay this time. I will be expanding and growing this line throughout 2015, – and for many years to come.


“Redheaded Woman Series” ~ Fauvist-Surrealist Paintings
Now available for viewing and purchase at NewZart Gallery & Studio:
(Jan, 2015 – Present)

I have a new and expanding body of Fauvist-Surrealist-Cubist Figurative works, entitled the “Redheaded Series.” These works display widely varying moods (based from a similar model), and are done in a Fauvist ~ Geometric fashion.  The first couple works in this series, “Redheaded Woman in Distress,” relate directly to an overt and obvious discomfort in her internal mood, and then also her expressive nature. I have given all of these works a strong emphasis on introspection, and the mood that then ties with those thoughts. Many of the subsequent works (after Redheaded Woman in Distress) relate to a myriad of other moods and emotions, each quite unique and different from the last, but all with this mood directly infused into the expressive nature of the piece.

I have always been quite drawn to the early 1900’s Fauvist works. Their break away from impressionism at the time led to a wonderful and more painterly surreal color palette, which I think is fantastic. Some of favorite Fauvist-Surrealist painters might be then: Henri Matisse, Andre Derain, Jean Metzinger, Gustave Moreau, and Kees Van Dongen.

I will continue to grow and expand this repertoire of work through 2015-2016, and beyond. These fauvist (yet also geometric inspired) paintings are an absolutely wonderful break for me. My ongoing expansion and personal evolution of *geometric abstraction will continue indefinitely (*many also based from the early 1900’s).

Currently many of these works are viewable at the gallery (NewZart Gallery).


“Linear-Geometric Abstraction & Geometric Color Field Painting, ~ A Retrospective and Resurgence” at the Madison County Arts Council (MCAC is located at 90 S. Main Street, Marshall, NC)

(Opens Friday August 8th, 2014 – September 26th, 2014)

I will be installing over 30+ works spanning over two decades of effort in Linear-Geometric Abstraction and Geometric Color Field Painting at the MCAC in downtown Marshall, NC this coming month. The show will be starting on Friday evening from 6-8pm on August 8th, and running to September 26th, 2014.

Shown will be many innovative and unique works done in my own highly specific styles created through many years of personal study and process experimentation and refinement. Many of my calculated linear-geometric works are conceptually derived from previous modern geometric abstract art genres of years past. Geometric abstraction began it’s ongoing history in the late 1800’s by the hands of renown Russian born artist *Wassily Kandinsky (*Kandinsky is also known as the father of abstract art in general). You will hopefully see many elements of Kandinsky in much of my work these days, especially in my latest “GCS” series. I plan on including a handful of compositional linear-geometric works at the upcoming installation at the MCAC.

Color Field Painting came into its own in the 1940’s and 1950’s in the U.S., and grew into prominence with works from artists like: Mark Rothko, Hans Hofman, Barnett Newman, Helen Frankenthaler, Clifford Still, Robert Motherwell, and many others. Many of the works from these artists have strong Geometric references, both in *Hard and Soft (*style reference) forms. I myself have been doing a good deal of Color Field & Geometric Color Field Painting now for over 20 years. I have created a large body of work in both Hard and Soft forms. I will have on display many samples of this style work at the upcoming MCAC show.


My latest Surrealist-Cubist Figurative Paintings are now available for viewing and purchase at NewZart Gallery & Studio:
(May, 2014 – Present)

I have been working diligently in 2013 & 2014 growing my body of Surrealist-Cubist-Geometric Figurative works. Many of these works (including brand new works) are at the gallery now and available for viewing and purchase (NewZart). I was very heavily inspired by the early 1900’s Surrealist-Cubist figurative works of: Picasso, Braque, Metzinger, and Cezanne. These are some of the very same artists I have studied over the past several decades in relation to my ongoing Geometric Abstractionist series works. I plan on continuing to grow and expand this repertoire of figurative works, many to be derived from this wonderful and intriguing era of geometric-figurative paintings from the early 1900’s.


NewZart Gallery & Studio  ~ “MZFA GCS Series” (Jan 2014 – Present)

~ Brand new works now on display from my latest “GCS Series” ~

Some brand new works  are now on display from my personal embarkation into the world of highly complex and intensely involved Calculated Geometric Compositional Abstract paintings. Several initial GCS works are now done and are currently out and on display at NewZart Gallery & Studio (NZAG&S is located in D.T. Marshall, NC).

These new works are the result of many years of personal study (and process work) related to  Liner-Geometric Compositional Abstracts.  Specifically those works from the father of abstraction, revered Russian abstract and linear-geometric artist “Wassily Kandinsky.”


Artist Reception Party and Special Works Showing at Salon Blue Ridge, Flat Rock – NC

Reception Party Night: Friday, December 6th – 2013 from 5-7pm

Enjoy a wonderful artists reception party including: Live Music via accomplished studio musician and local celebrity Steve Davidowski, Light Fare/Appetizers Served, Wine Selections, and Special Micro-Brewery and Cider samplings from our party co-sponsor BearWaters Brewery out of Waynesville, NC. The reception party will be held Friday – Dec. 6th, 2013, and will run from 5-7pm or later. Enjoy a festive atmosphere and as well a fantastic array of over 45 pieces spanning over 15 years of my work. I will have a special work available for viewing and sale that I created especially for this show/reception night. So start the holidays early, and come out and join us for a little happy hour atmosphere and as well some beautiful artworks.

Some of my works on display at SBR currently include: Linear and geometric abstractions, Color Field Paintings, Raw & Calculated Abstractions, Surrealism, Impressionism, Realist Style Fly-Fishing Lures, and others. 


Showing and Benefit Fine Art Sale: Friday, 11/1/13 from 6-9pm, and also Saturday 11/2/13 from 9am – 2pm. This benefit sale is located at Beverly-Hanks Realty in Downtown Waynesville, NC.

I will have many of my fine abstract artworks featured this benefit art show & sale at Beverly-Hanks Realty, 74 North Main in D.T. Waynesville, NC this coming Fri & Sat (11/1/13-11/2/13). This show is in conjunction with 1st Friday and Art after Dark in Waynesville. Included in this benefit sale will be some of my very latest works from my ever expanding linear-geometric line. In addition, I will have a selected number  of older works available to view and purchase. Many of these older pieces of mine art buyers can enjoy purchasing at a reduced price point during this benefit sale. This show is open to the public, and a portion of each sale will be donated to a local charities.


Smaller Works Show and Display: “It’s a small, small Work”
November through December, 2013 ~ Haywood Arts Council, Downtown Waynesville, NC.

I will have 5 smaller works from my ongoing Linear and Geometric abstraction series on display at the Haywood Arts Council during the entire month of November. These works are beautiful but smaller scale representations of my full scale linear-geometric line. This show is open to the public, and the works are for purchase as well as for viewing.



New Large Body Installation at Salon Blue Ridge, Flat Rock – NC
September 3rd, 2013 – January 2014 (Flatrock, NC)

A fantastic array of over 45 pieces, spanning over 15 years of my work, is now installed at Salon Blue Ridge in Flatrock, NC. Included are: Linear and geometric abstractions, Color Field Paintings, Raw & Calculated Abstractions, Surrealism, Impressionism, Realist Style Fly-Fishing Lures, and others. The show is open for purchase as well as viewing.

Salon Blue Ridge is located at: 518 S. Allen Rd Flat Rock, NC 28731. Call: 828-696-1934 for the salon hours of operation. 


New Showing & Installation at Hendersonville Sports Club,
August 28th, 2013 (Hendersonville, NC)

A handful of some of my newer (and older) works are currently now installed at Hendersonville Sports Club, just outside of downtown Hendersonville, NC. Shown currently are; Linear and geometric abstractions and Patterned abstract miniatures. They are displayed throughout the main lobby area of the clubhouse. Please call HSC directly for their hours of operation and to view and purchase: (828) 693-0040.


Nelson Fine Art Center ~ “Spring and Summer Rotation”,
May 28th, 2013 through Summer 2013 (Johnson City, TN)

Enjoy some of my new and varied works installed at NFAC. Linear and geometric abstractions, surrealist edge-art, and various other works currently displayed and rotated through the Summer of 2013. NFAC is located in the heart of D.T. Johnson City, TN.


Artwork now on display at the Madison County, N.C. Visitors Center – Mars Hill, N.C.

Some of my most recent artwork will be on display (and regularly rotating) at the Madison County Visitor Center at 56 S. Main Street, Mars Hill, NC 28754. The Madison County North Carolina Visitor Center is the place to learn all about what there is to see and do in our beautiful county in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. They are open from 10am – 4pm daily. Phone (828) 680-9031 for more information.


Eclipse Salon Exhibit ~ Asheville, NC – “Works of Matt  Zedler now on Display”. Show runs now through July 1st, 2013.

Artist Reception Note: An artist’s reception party will be held on Friday June 7th, from 5-8p. This is 1st Friday night in Asheville, NC.

Some of my most recent works, mixed with a variety of older series pieces, will be on display at the “Eclipse Salon”, 16 Wall Street in D.T. Asheville, NC now through July 1st – 2013. Please stop from 5-8p on Friday 6.7.2013 for our artist’s reception. Meet me, chat about the work, and have a glass of wine during this 1st Friday in Asheville.


NewZart Gallery & Studio in D.T. Marshall, NC ~ “My Latest Works” ..now on display at NZAG&S (Permanent Exhibit).

Some of my most recent works are currently now out and on display at NewZart Gallery & Studio in D.T. Marshall, NC. This new works exhibit includes over 10 new pieces created in 2013. NZAG&S is my home gallery & working studio. It is also the home of newzart.com and matthewzedlerfineart.com. It always hosts the largest selection of my most recent works, series works, and older finished works. This latest display includes:  New Pastel & Mixed Media Surreal Figurative Works, the newly expanded “See Life” Series, more of the “Panacea” line, and several other series expansions and one-of-a-kind works. Call NZAG&S today to schedule your visit.


Hotel Indigo – Asheville, NC ~ 2nd (Second) Artist’s Reception Party for Matt Zedler,  Thursday – January 10th, 2013, from 5-7pm (or later…)

Great News!! Hotel Indigo has decided to host a 2nd artist’s reception party for me on Thursday, January 10th 2013. This second meet and greet runs from 5-7pm, or later, with wine and light fare for all attending. An 80% rotation has just been completed at the hotel and now over 34 pieces are currently now on display. Please stop by and meet me to view, discuss, and purchase ~ some now varied works from multiple series.


Hotel Indigo ~ Asheville, NC ~ Winter Fine Art Rotation from featured Artist Matt Zedler ~ Show runs to January 29th, 2013

Please check out my latest rotation of modern-contemporary fine art at the hotel Indigo. Now boasting over 34 pieces in this installation, from 6 separate series, along with several “one-of-a-kind” works. This show runs through late  January 2013. The Hotel Indigo is located at 151 Haywood Street, Asheville, NC.


Nelson Fine Art Center  ~ Winter Artwork Rotation, December 2nd – February, 2013 (Johnson City, TN)

Enjoy new works displayed from several recent series (and others…) now rotated and installed at NFAC. Many of my Liner Impressionist & Surrealist works, that were created especially for N.F.A.C., still remain on display as well at Nelson’s. The Nelson Fine Art Center is located in the heart of D.T. Johnson City, TN.


Matthew Zedler Artwork at Haywood Arts Council Show Nov 14-Dec 29

Paintings of Matthew Zedler and others will be featured at an upcoming show at the Haywood Arts Council Gallery 86 located at 86 North Main Street in downtown Waynesville from November 14 through December 29th.  From budding student artists to seasoned professionals, WNC artists are challenged to create small artwork for the 5th annual show.  There will be an artist reception on Sunday Nov 18th from 1-4pm as well as an Art After Dark Reception on Friday December 7th – 6-9pm.   Gallery 86 is open Mondays through Saturdays 10am to 5pm.


Hotel Indigo – Asheville, NC ~ Artist’s Reception Party for Matt Zedler, Tuesday – November 13th, 2012, from 5-7pm (actually, later…)

Hotel Indigo is hosting an artist’s reception party for me on Tuesday, November 13th 2012. This meet and greet runs from 5-7pm, with champagne and light fare for all attending. Live music starts at 7pm, and will run until about 9pm. Please meet me there to view and enjoy some of my very latest works. Now showing @ Hotel Indigo: Over 20 new and visually captivating modern fine art contemporary paintings, from my most current “Panacea” line. Visit the Hotel Indigo if you can during my reception/opening party on Tuesday, 11/13, from 5-7p to discuss, view, and purchase. If unable to attend ~ stop in the Indigo from now until mid January, 2013 to view or purchase from this installation.


Hotel Indigo ~ Asheville, NC ~ Fall/Winter Featured Artist Matt Zedler, Show runs from October 15th, 2012 – January, 2013

One of Asheville’s best modern ~ contemporary hotel choices, and home for the entire cast of the movie “The Hunger Games” (during their shoot here in WNC in 2011), is Asheville’s renowned Hotel Indigo. A perfect choice for displaying cutting edge modern fine art, the hotel will feature over 20 pieces from my latest line now through early 2013. Please watch for the upcoming artist reception in early to mid November, and a chance to meet and chat with me about this brand new and visually captivating line of work. The Hotel Indigo is located at 151 Haywood Street, Asheville, NC.


Fall 2012 Matthew Zedler Art Show ~ Van Dyke Fine Art & Jewelry, September 28th ~ from 5-8pm (Asheville, NC)

Pleasant gathering for my exiting show at Van Dyke’s in D.T. Asheville, NC. Friends, locals, and patrons stopped in to view many of my new & older works on display here the past several months. We all chatted and discussed present and future fine art purchases. All of my works were taken down and home after this reception ~ so I am now out of Van Dykes as of 9/29/12. The next few weeks will be extremely busy preparing for a large and highly visible modern fine art show & installation located in another D.T. Asheville location. Installation and opening reception party will be just a few weeks from now ~ much more to come soon!


2012 Matthew Zedler Art Show ~ Nelson Fine Art Center – 1st Friday, September 7th (Johnson City, TN)

Together ~ Dick Nelson (Owner of N.F.A.C.) and I orchestrated a one man show as part of the year long 1st Friday art and entertainment event series in Johnson City, TN. The show was great, and many enjoyed and discussed my new Panacea works displayed, as well as my permanent display of Liner Impressionist & Surrealist works that were created especially for N.F.A.C. earlier this year. The show display will be up in the front showcase areas of N.F.A.C. for the entire month of September, so please stop in and check it out. Nelson Fine Art Center is located in the heart of D.T. Johnson City, TN.


Adorn Salon & Boutique ~ Asheville, NC – July 31st – October 4th, 2012

Adorn Salon & Boutique, in addition to their renowned hair, body and salon services, shows selected local artists in their spa-boutique for two month periods (six fine art shows per year). Several works of mine will be represented and available for sale from August to October, of 2012. Visit Adorn S & B today @ 58 College Street, in D.T. Asheville, NC.


Artistbe ~ (artistbe.com) – July 20th, 2012 – Present

Artistbe is a Fine Art website representing a hand selected group of artists from all over the United States. Artistbe allows the buyer to choose artworks from virtually hundreds of established and emerging art talents. Virtually all genres and styles of fine art are represented as well on Artistbe.com. Once you find the work you like, you can choose a price range that suits your budget by purchasing prints, giclee’s, or original works.


Van Dyke Jewelry ~ Fine Art & Craft – June 6th – September 29th, 2012

Van Dyke’s Jewelry, Fine Art & Fine Craft ~ is located on 29 Biltmore Ave. in D.T. Asheville, NC. The gallery displays and sells a wide array of handmade unique Fine Craft Jewelry, and as well equally unique and compelling Fine Wall Art & Sculpture. The majority of the work displayed at Van Dyke’s is selected from local and regional artists.


Turning Art ~ (turningart.com) – May 5th, 2012 – Present

Turning Art is a Fine Art website ~ with a twist. Representing a hand selected group of artists from all over the United States, Turning Art allows you, the buyer, to: rent a print, buy a print, or even buy the original. Whether you are a new or accomplished art buyer, Turning Art allows you to select from hundreds of art works from virtually all genres from a multitude of both emerging and established fine artists.


Goldworks Gallery ~ Asheville, NC – Jan 25, 2012 – July 10th, 2012

Approximately 12-16+ of Matthew Zedler’s works representing Geometric and Expressive abstract and surrealist pieces. Show varied and rotated quarterly. This installation allowed the viewer – buyer choices of various sizes and price ranges. Goldworks Gallery, at 18 Wall Street in Asheville, NC, is a long standing and well established art gallery (and jeweler). They carry a wide selection of fine artisan crafted jewelry, and as well fine art, for many years now in both D.T. Asheville, NC and D.T. Chapel Hill, NC.


M.C.A.C. (Madison County Arts Council) Invitational Art  Show Special: “Me, Myself & I” – July 1 – 31st, 2011

Local and regional artists are selected to create artwork (in their own style) depicting aspects of themselves & inner self. A wide variety of styles and mediums to be shown. Show runs during the entire month of July at the Madison Count Art Council, in Marshall, NC. Admission is free.


Blue Plum Festival & NFA’s ~ Johnson City, TN – June 3rd-5th, 2011

The Music and Artwork are at the heart of this Festival. Specializing in Americana artists, the Festival has become one of the highlights on artist’s calendars. Artists such as Doc Watson, Nickel Creek, Sam Bush, the everybodyfields, The Subdudes, Drew Emmitt Band and Goose Creek Symphony have made appearances throughout the years. Bringing regional and national artists to the Festival has increased the attendance at the event and the numbers have grown to over 80,000 people.

Many of my works will be shown, and will be available for sale – in all sizes and price ranges. Special works brought especially for this festival. All available at Nelson’s Fine Art Gallery during the entire weekend.


M.C.A.C. (Madison County Arts Council) Spring Art Festival ~ May & June, 2011

Exhibit in celebration of the Marshall Art Festival, Saturday – May 7th. A temporary exhibit of over 12 works will be available for viewing and purchase at the MCAC, running into June 2011.


North Carolina Visitor Center ~  Year Long Installation (This visitor center is located just North of Mars Hill, NC) Jan 2010 – Dec 2010

This was a year long display from several local artists & craftspeople, which included works from local modern artist & contemporary painter Matthew Zedler. This show presented a great sampling of local art selected from several Madison County painters, woodworkers, potters, jewelers and more. The show ran for the entire 2010 calendar year. The viewing area was located in the main commons area of this beautiful NC Visitor Center. This particular NC visitor center is located just North of Mars Hill, NC, and is directly off of Highway 26 West as you head towards Johnson City, TN.


Fall Art Show ~ Nelson Fine Art Center – 1st Fri., Sept. 2010 (Johnson City, TN)

Various local and non-local contemporary works, part of the 1st Friday event series in Johnson City, TN. Well over a thousand will be previewed including works by myself and others during this wonderful Fall event. 1st Friday’s run Spring through Fall in downtown J.C, TN.


Permanent Exhibition & Sale of Works at Nelson Fine Art Center ~ Currently Running ~ Started Fall of 2009

A permanent exhibition of my work has now been established at NFAG. I will be keeping a body of 10-15 pieces (minimum) there at all times for viewing and for sale. Works not sold will be rotated monthly so as to always allow the public new pieces to view and purchase. Stop by NFAG anytime during normal business hours and see what’s new to view and purchase from a large collection of unique and cutting edge works by myself and many other local and regional artists. (Visit NFAG to get directions and hours of operation).


Art Installation at Aesthetic Gallery ~ D.T. Asheville, NC – Spring 2009

A fine art painting collection was installed during the month of January 2009 at the Aesthetic Gallery, located at 6 College Street in downtown Asheville, NC. The show & sale of about 16 varying sized works ran at A.G. for approximately four (4) months until April of 2009.


Matt Zedler Art Show at Nelson Fine Art Center – Fri., Sept. 4th, September 2008 (Johnson City, TN)

“The Abstracts of Fall”

Over 15 pieces of mine, along with several fine works from local/regional artist’s Susan Kummer and Andrea Michel were shown during this event. This show was dubbed “The Abstracts of Fall”, and the event fell on the 1st Friday of September 2009 in the heart of D.T. Johnson City, TN. Dick Nelson, the owner of NFAG (and an all-around great guy) provided a successful event as always during this September installment of Johnson City’s 1st Friday art-walk series. The Johnson City art-walk series runs Spring through Fall of each year. The D.T. – J.C. streets are closed to road traffic during these events do to large turnouts. During this particular September show, over 600 stopped in to NFAG visit and view / purchase artwork. Feedback to the show was excellent and we look forward to more showings at NFAG in the future.


Wolf Laurel Juried Artist Series –  Fall 2008

The Wolf Laurel Fall Art Show runs fairly late in the year and is a juried art representation. Local artist’s are selected and represented at the main lodge -dining hall area which sits near the top of the Wolf Laurel community. W. L. is an established community (since 1965) that rests at over 5,000 feet of elevation in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. The show draws interest from both residents and invitees and is a great showcase for local talent. Matt Zedler was asked to show some of his work during the 2008 show.


Weaverville Juried Art Festival – Fall 2008

The Weaverville “Art in Autumn” Festival is a juried art show that runs one Saturday during the first part of September every year. Artists and craftspeople are hand selected by the local arts council to be represented for this show. NewZart Gallery & Studio was one of those selected in 2008 and represented several fine works from artist’s Matt Zedler and Susan Kummer.

Additionally, Z-Croak’s, LLC, a N. C. based Sunglass & Eyeglass manufacturer, boasting all products are “Handmade in the U.S.A.”, was also represented at the festival by NewZart G & S. (Mr. Zedler and Ms. Kummer are the principals in this company). With great vision and hard work Z-Croak’s, LLC was formed and created in 2007. The company offers a highly unique line of durable and practical alternatives to the common and boring everyday eye & sunglass holder market. You can contact Matt Zedler for further information about the entire Z-Croak’s product line and as well Z-Croak dealer opportunities.

In the end, after a long and busy day with magnificent turn-out, good sales and great weather made the 2008 Weaverville “Art in Autumn” festival a complete success.


Marshall Art Festival – Spring 2008

As always, wonderful weather and a great turn-out prevailed to make the 2008 Marshall Art’s Festival a total success! The festival runs on a Saturday every year, usually during the middle of May. NewZart Gallery & Studio was well represented by showing selected works from artist’s Matt Zedler and Susan Kummer. The Marshall Festival is a consistent good time with a wide variety of art’s & craft’s on display, wonderful regional food selections, live music and fun for the entire family.


M.C.A.C. (Madison County Arts Council) Art Show ~ May – June 2007

Selected pieces of Matt Zedler’s work were selected from the NewZart Gallery and Studio and represented at the M.C.A.C. (Madison County Art’s Council). The showing ran during the months of May & June of 2007.